A small step for Emmi, an even smaller step for mankind

So, after deciding last July to ditch it all to get lost in the world somewhere, yesterday I finally boarded the plane to start my adventure.

As someone who actively encourages others to take the leap and pursue change, finishing everything in London was much more painful than I had foreseen. Emotions were high saying goodbyes, anxiety and doubt crept in by the minute – even leaving full-time employment, my dream every weekday morning for the past 5 years, freaked me the hell out.

However in my current state of 5 hours sleep in the past 48 hours, things seem pretty good right now. The first leg of my journey has brought me to Mumbai airport for a 13hr overnight layover. If you ever have to do a similar layover here, fear not – Mumbai international is pretty swanky, having been renovated 2 years ago. There are a couple of shops and fast food outlets open 24 hours, a range of fairly comfortable furniture to stretch out on and free WiFi. And when you wake up with a crooked neck and a hankering for a proper coffee, it has a little taste of home as well (Mumma Matsu’s favourite).

That’s it for now. Off to catch the next flight to Bangkok and meet me some crazy lady boys. I’ll leave you with this little treat.

Gotta love a little llama.

Peace, E x


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